Best Behaved Buddies

Best Behaved Buddies started because while training, there was an increase of pet parents needing extra help at home. So, in 2014 Best Behaved Buddies started in home training. To help owners on their time schedule work on things (like behavior modification, basic manners, therapy and some cases service dog training) in home with their pets. In 2017 Best Behaved Buddies started pet photography (knowing that pets make a challenging medium)  using positive methods to ease the pet and the owner to get amazing photos.



Michelle has been around dogs her whole life and seen training done since she was able to walk. Michelle learned a lot about other forms of training, but found her training passion in 2006 while teaching her own dog, Tootsie, using positive training methods.

While in college Michelle got her first professional job at a box store as a positive trainer. After college she continued working with her passion of educating pet parents and their pets on positive methods and when training was over taking photos for the owners. However, Michelle found that pet parents still needed at home help she decided to leave the box store and start her own private training company Best Behaved Buddies.

 At this time, he household is full of 2 dogs Tootsie (Basenji Mix) who is working on her trick Titles, Minion (Cairn Terrier) who is a Therapy dog and Michelle’s hypoglycemic Alert dog, 3 cats that family members willed to her (Calico, Little Boy, and Spotsie), and 2 hamsters (Flufferbutt and Cinnabuns)